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Meeting the needs and expectations of your clients is critical to your success. Technology enhances those connections and We empower your Technology.

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Because legal technology can be complex, because it is changing all the time, and because lawyers were never taught technology strategy in law school, adopting the right tools and keeping up with trends can feel overwhelming. But lawyers need to find a way past these excuses to address real needs around data security, running efficient and effective practices, choosing the right solutions from the slew available, and making legal tech work for them instead of against them.

One Step Ahead

Why We Are The Best

We know your business, we understand your challenges, we can deliver on your needs. With over 27 years of industry experience we have worked with many law firms to deliver the best in technology services and support. Our per employee pricing is to help you manage costs and streamline your billing rates. You need and want the best IT Managed Services so you can focus on your success. 

Upfront Pricing & Unlimited Service

Explore What We Are Doing Better

Our services are tailored to your needs. We have decades of experience in legal technology solutions and support. You want to develop the very best law firm. We want you to achieve that goal through using the very best in technology and services! Our costs include all that you need to implement and use any technology your firm needs to be successful. 

Paperless Law Firm

Assisting your firm embrace eDiscovery & eFiling standards with specialized technology integrations & continuous employee training.

Secure Law Firm

Securing your firm by using the latest cloud and on-prem security standards for data encryption, remote access, communications and firewalls.

Mobile Law Firm

Empowering your firm to work anywhere at anytime, allowing you to exceed your client's expectations with best in class mobile solutions and services.

Automated Law Firm

Keeping your firm focused on your clients by implementing automated workflows that reduce administrative overhead and client busywork.

three steps to technology success

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Upfront pricing, unlimited services and unmatched quality. We take on all the heavy lifting and risk to partner with you and be your IT Managed Services company.


learning about your law firm

Each law firm has specific needs usually dictated by their clients. We learn about your needs and develop a transition plan that includes them.


Transition Your IT Services

Your firm is likely to have a lot of technology and services. We take care of transitioning all of them including documentation at no extra costs. 


Reporting & Metrics

After your firm’s transition we provide monthly executive reports on our performance. That helps you understand the value we are delivering to your firm. 

It’s no secret that law firms, companies, and organizations that focus on the client or customer have a better chance for success. In fact, customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable when compared to companies that are not focused on the customer.The bottom line is this: customer centricity matters to the customer. And approximately 86% of customers will pay more if they can guarantee superior service.

We Manage the technology that Runs your Law Firm

We are your IT department. A proactive team of IT engineers and support staff working 24/7 to keep your law firm operational, safe and secure. We are dedicated to helping you use the right technology to take your form to the next level. Our pricing is simple and straight forward and includes everything you would need in an IT department. That means you can stop focusing on technology and focus on the success of your clients.

Upfront Fixed Pricing that includes unlimited services

All the services you need to empower your law firm to take advantage of technology to help your clients. We include everything except custom programming into our costs so you don’t have to worry about cost increases!

Empower your law firm by Leveraging Our Services to Implement & Manage The best Technology. All with a simple fixed cost that won't change on you.

We lose around 40% of our productivity due to task-switching. In a law firm, it’s imperative that we work within several apps or programs at the same time to stay on top of client work. Automation streamlines your workflow, optimizing your time. When you start implementing legal technology properly, such as AI, proper use of the cloud, and mobility it will work for you—not against you. It should replace your manual workflows, automating tasks such as client intake, data entry, billing, and more.

Our Customers & Partners

IT Legal Expertise

We partner with the best Legal services and technical services providing real value for lawyers and law firms. By staying connected and updated on the latest legal technology trends we help you achieve technical proficiency and firm productivity.

Partnerships Are Our Strength

We never accept commission, compensation or any form of payment for recommending any services. Our mission is to be an unbiased provider of quality IT services. By accepting any form of payment for recommendations we would blur the that line and that is not something we will ever do.  

Not Just An IT Service Provider or Consultant

We are your complete IT Department working hard for your company 24/7/365. With our service you will always know how much your IT services cost, because our pricing is per employee and upfront. Since we are always on the clock working for you, we reduce issues and solve problems so they don’t impact your company’s productivity. We do IT all so you can focus on your business, employees and customers!

You Deserve The Best IT MSP In Houston

with over 57 years of Technology experience

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