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What to Expect from Enterprise Search Software Today

Data is increasing by leaps and bounds and the need of the hour is software that helps enterprises make the best use of it, by analyzing and deriving meaning out of it. This article takes a look at how the modern enterprise search tool is the solution.

Data is growing at an exponential rate today and organizations across the globe are facing the challenge of having to deal with, manage and analyze the mammoth volumes of data they possess. In such a scenario, what enterprises need today is software that helps them make the best use of this enormous volumes of data, analyze it and discover what lies within. After all, information is of little use until you know how to derive insights from it to help your business grow. To add to this, the information that businesses possess is largely unstructured and this makes analyzing it a complex process. So, what is the solution? The solution to the challenge of analyzing large volumes of data is the new age Enterprise search software.

Enterprise search software is a platform that is designed to help businesses find information from structured or unstructured data sets. Some examples are 3RDi SearchCoveo and Commvault, and all of them are designed to analyze unstructured data. Unstructured data, in turn, consists of content from varied sources and in different formats. An everyday search tool is not good enough for analyzing it and so the new age enterprises search software is equipped with the most advanced features.

Redefined Search Experience!

With organizations having data from various sources and in various formats, it can be really challenging for users to find the right information at the right time. This has been a challenge for a long time, which made it nearly impossible to find the most relevant results to a query. The modern enterprise search platform has been designed as a solution to this and many other challenges.

To begin with, these platforms bring powerful data integration features to the table, which integrates information from different sources to make the process of analyzing information more effective, quick and accurate. Data integration feature also makes it easy to access information from every database across the organization.

Secondly, the new age enterprise search software is designed to drastically improve the search relevancy, which in turn, improves the user experience significantly. This implies that these platforms are designed such that the most relevant results are presented to the user in the quickest time. The fact that the platform can analyze unstructured data, allows the user to access information that was not impossible to access earlier.

Perhaps one of the breakthroughs we can witness in the modern enterprise search software is the introduction of natural language processing (NLP) which is a technology that allows the platform to understand the language spoken by humans. This technology is used in the Amazon Alexa and Google Home and allows users to speak to the tool and get the most relevant results.

Semantic search technology is another breakthrough in the world of enterprise search and the modern software uses the technology to fetch results that are the most relevant to the query of the user. It makes it possible for the software to find results that are relevant to what the user is looking for, but is something that even the user doesn’t know existed.

Lastly, search analytics is another powerful feature, which analyzes search logs to derive useful insights from it. The technology can offer tons of useful insights to the enterprises regarding their user behavior and other details, which in turn, can help the organization to make informed business decisions.

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So, enterprise search software is indeed complex, with so many features that allow organizations to do more with their data. However, when choosing such a platform for the organization, it is important to note that the needs and requirements of every organization is different and these should be taken into consideration when choosing the tool.

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