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What is Google G-Suite?

On the surface Google G-Suite looks very similar to the free versions of Google apps. So, why would you pay a monthly fee to access what you already have for free? You may be surprised to learn that Google G-Suite has a variety of enterprise-level features that can help your business stay organized and efficient. While it may not be necessary for every business to subscribe to Google G-Suite, keep reading to learn about the features that only come with a paid account.

What is Included in Google G-Suite?

Google G-Suite apps are broken into four categories or purposes. The bundle promises to deliver everything your business needs to stay connected, access files, create projects, and control your subscribers and data. You can access the core apps, including Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides, and Google Drive plus many other apps and tools.

Apps included with Google G-Suite:

• Gmail
• Calendar
• Currents
• Hangouts Chat
• Hangouts Meet
• Hangouts Meet hardware
• Drive
• Google Cloud Search
• Docs
• Sheets
• Forms
• Slides
• Sites
• App Maker
• Keep
• Jamboard
• Admin
• Vault
• Mobile
• Workinsights

Upgrades from the Free Apps

When you subscribe to Google G-Suite, you can access a lot more features than are available with the free versions of Google apps. The unique needs of your business will determine whether or not you should pay for the upgraded G-Suite features. The enterprise-level features may be worth the monthly fee if they streamline your workflow.

Google G-Suite allows you to share calendars, so your team can coordinate meetings and appointments no matter where they are located. You also enjoy 30GB of storage per user with the basic plan alone. Some tiers allow for unlimited storage. This should be enough space for any business to share files and projects, work off of the same documents, and create updates in real-time.

One of the biggest differences between Google G-Suite and the free apps rests with Gmail. Instead of having a traditional Gmail email address, you can send emails from your business web address. So, instead of, you can use This feature is great for creating a professional appearance and cohesion across your corporate emails while benefitting from Google’s powerful email service.

The admin and search controls are also important features to note. You can add or remove users as needed for your business. Additional security options ensure that your data is safe, and mobile device management means that you can access or erase data as needed. The Google Cloud Search feature is a powerful tool to search across your entire G-Suite. You can easily locate files, emails, contacts, and more through one easy search.

How Much Does Google G-Suite Cost?

G-Suite is relatively inexpensive, especially compared to other cloud software and enterprise bundles. The Basic plan includes 30GB of storage and starts at just $6 per user per month. It features the use of business email, shared calendars, and documents.

If you need to add the app development environment or more storage, upgrade to the Business plan for $12 per user per month. For added security, opt for the Enterprise plan at $25 per user per month. Both of these options include unlimited online storage.

The subscription plans for Google G-Suite are flexible because you are billed on a monthly basis. You can scale your plan up or down based on the needs of your organization and add or remove users as needed. You can also try G-Suite for 14 days for free to determine if it is right for your organization.

Should You Pay for Google G-Suite?

A lot of businesses and professionals use the free versions of Google apps every day for work and personal use. However, if you are looking for a simple way to connect your team and consolidate your data, G-Suite is for you. The interface is easy to use and manage over time. Your data is secure, and you can access customer support whenever needed. Overall, G-Suite’s main features such as personalized email addresses, incredible storage space, and shared calendars make it work the small monthly payment.

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