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Tips for Using Microsoft Word

Few applications are used as often in business as Microsoft Word. You probably use the tool every day for taking notes, creating documents, or writing reports. Despite how common Microsoft Word is, few of us are using it effectively. There are many tips and tricks to make using Microsoft Word fast and efficient. Keep reading for top tips for using Microsoft Word.

Save time copying and pasting

Copy and paste is a set of functions we all do on a regular basis. It already saves time because we do not have to type out the information ourselves. It is also an efficient way to prevent errors in copying information. You can make the copy and paste process much faster by using some simple keyboard shortcuts.

  • Copy: Ctrl + C
  • Paste: Ctrl + V
  • Cut: Ctrl + X

Practice these three commands to speed up your entire workflow. The more you use these commands, the faster you will get. Before long, copy and paste will become second nature.

­­­Delete words instead of letters

Backspacing through a word or phrase can be more time consuming than you realize. For many of us, the natural instinct is to backspace each individual letter or hold the backspace key down to delete the whole word. Sometimes this works, other times it results in backspacing more than you intended and having to hit the undo button in a panic.

Save yourself the trouble by using Ctrl + Backspace to delete a word at a time. You’ll be able to delete exactly what you want without accidentally erasing too much or taking forever.

Add links in a flash

If you write articles, research papers, reports, or other types of documents, you may frequently have to add hyperlinks. Citing sources or linking to other materials and documents can be done by highlighting your text and right clicking to add in the link. However, you can greatly reduce the time this process takes. Simply use Ctrl + K to instantly add a link to your text.

Change your default font

Microsoft Word has a default font selected. If this font does not align with your needs, you likely find yourself going through the annoying process of changing it on a regular basis. You can skip this step altogether by setting your own default font. Select Format > Font in the main menu or use the command Ctrl + D to edit your default font settings.

Find things faster

Have you ever gotten blurry vision from staring at your screen for too long? If you are searching for a specific word or phrase, it can take forever to scroll through a document. There’s a simple command to find anything within your document. Just hit Ctrl + F and type in your search. Hit Enter and everything that matches your search will be highlighted.


Whether you enjoy working in Microsoft Word or dread it, you can benefit from incorporating the tips above. Your workflow will be faster and creating documents will be a breeze. From copying and pasting to adding links, there are plenty of useful shortcuts for Microsoft Word.

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