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Tips for Using a Mac Computer

Macs are being used in businesses all across the globe. Whether you’ve used Apple products for many years, or you are starting at a company that uses Macs for the first time, it can take a while to master your computer. Over time, though, you can get into the habit of quickly using your Mac to complete your everyday functions. Keep reading for some handy tips to take control of your Mac in no time.

Take Screenshots

This feature is a staple for Mac users in business. How often do you have to take a quick screenshot to reference something online or pull a snippet from an email? Thankfully, there are some keyboard shortcuts to make the process quick and easy.

Use Cmd + Shift + 3 to take a screenshot of your entire screen. Whatever is currently on your screen will be captured in this image. If you want to screenshot a particular portion of your screen, use Cmd + Shift + 4. You can then drag the box over the section of the screen you want to capture. Once you release your mouse, the image will be saved to your desktop.

Sign Documents

Apple features a handy tool to add your signature to any document. Within the Preview application, you can select the pen icon. Click “Create Signature from Built-in iSight.” You can then sign your name on a blank sheet of paper and hold it up for the camera to capture.

Follow the guides to properly align your signature and your Mac will extract it. Just click Accept. You can use your signature on documents going forward.

Force Quit Applications

Sometimes things just stop working. If you are not used to a Mac, you may find yourself hitting Ctrl + Alt + Delete with no luck. Instead, use Cmd + Option + Esc to bring up the Force Quit menu. Terminate the application giving you trouble and restart it.

You can access this dialog box another way. Select the Apple logo icon in the upper left corner of your computer. Then, choose “Force Quit…” from the menu. The same Force Quit box will appear this way as well.

Switch Between Programs

Most professionals have a bunch of programs running at once. If you’re working out of an internet browser, a word processor, and a communication app all at the same time, it can be difficult to switch back and forth. On Mac devices, you can use Cmd + Tab to quickly switch between open programs.

Find Your Cursor

That pesky little mouse can easily get lost on the screen. If you’ve taken your glance away from your computer, or you have busy images on your screen, it can be difficult to locate your mouse. Instead of wasting time and straining your eyes searching for it, just wiggle your mouse back and forth or run your finger over the trackpad quickly. Your mouse will get very large before shrinking back to its normal size.

Missing Your Delete Key?

Some styles of Mac keyboards do not include a delete key. This can be a weird transition for people used to that handy key being in the same place. To make up for the missing key, use Cmd + Backspace to delete entire words at a time.


There are way more tips and tricks out there to help you master your Mac computer, however these will get you started. Adjusting to a new computer takes time, and even skilled Mac users can benefit from learning a new shortcut. Reduce the time it takes to work on your Mac by trying out these tips.

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