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How to Hire Remote Workers

Remote working has become increasingly popular in recent years. Millennials especially are looking for remote opportunities that provide flexibility and reduce stress. Hiring remote workers can also lead to increases in productivity for an organization and decrease the amount of sick days taken each year.

With all of the benefits of hiring remote workers, business owners and managers may be interested in incorporating this type of labor into their organization. However, if you’ve never hired for remote positions before, the process can be challenging. When workers are not in the office each day, it can be difficult to maintain accountability and establish efficient channels for communication. Keep reading for tips on how to hire remote workers.

Look for a candidate with the right skills

Remote working can lead to higher productivity than in-house teams, but there is also the possibility for distractions. Limited facetime with workers makes it difficult to manage employees that are distant. You will need to look for candidates with skills that are better suited for remote working. It may take practice, but over time you will learn the skills that are best for remote workers in your organization.

Look for these skills when hiring a remote worker:

  • Excellent communication skills, fast response times, and consistent follow-ups
  • Collaboration skills with the ability to function as an integral part of a team
  • Powerful organizational skills to stay on top of projects and tasks
  • Time management skills to work without direct supervision each day
  • Self-discipline and accountability to build trust

The skills listed above are often hard to determine from a resume or portfolio. Because they are not easily tracked or measured, you may have to get creative in your evaluation process. You can utilize pre-employment tests that provide insights on the personality and work habit of potential employees. Also, schedule video interviews to gauge how candidates will participate in video meetings or conferences.

Define your ideal candidate

There is a reason you are considering hiring remote workers. You need a specific role or functioned filled, and you believe that a remote worker can efficiently handle the job. When you are creating a job post and conducting interviews, have a clear idea of your desired candidate, including personality and work ethic.

Clearly lay out the responsibilities and expectations for the job as well. This may cause some candidates to eliminate themselves from the hiring process and help you weed out people who would not be a good fit. Be specific on time zone and hourly requirements as well as any necessary travel to make sure all candidates can meet your needs.

Look for remote workers in the right places

Traditional online job boards, like Indeed or LinkedIn, may not be the best options for finding remote workers. Candidates on these sites tend to look for traditional in-office roles, but you may be able to hire for remote jobs here as well. However, your best bet will be to source remote employees on job boards where people are actively looking for remote jobs.

  • We Work Remotely is a job board for finding remote employees in design, sales, marketing, and DevOps.
  • AngelList is one of the favorite sites for startups looking for remote talent. You can post jobs for any roles at your startup that require remote employees.
  • Stack Overflow is a great choice for companies looking to hire remote developers. You can grow your technical team with skilled developers.


Hiring remote employees for the first time is not an easy task. Business leaders who are familiar with a more traditional hiring process may find themselves at a loss when searching for employees for remote jobs. Over time, you will refine the skills list you look for in remote workers, define your ideal candidate, and discover resources to source remote employees. The more you incorporate remote workers into your organization, the more you can reap the benefits!  

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