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Build Your Team: Tips for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are often well-versed in their field and experts in their industry. Unfortunately, they are not able to run every aspect of their business as it continues to grow. From accounting and marketing to HR and public relations, there are a lot of roles that keep a business afloat. For business leaders, building a strong team is crucial to your success.

In order for your team to be effective, you must consider every role carefully. You must also understand where you need the most support and how you can support your team. Keep reading for some valuable tips to build your team.

1. Pick team members carefully

As your business grows, you may be tempted to try to control every aspect of your business. However, delegating and hiring skilled employees can take major tasks off your plate and allow you to focus on the big picture.

  • Create a list of your essential employees for the current state of your business
  • Determine the skills each employee needs to have
  • Decide what type of personalities you want to work with
  • Invest your time in finding people who can fit the roles you need

2. Provide a sense of purpose

When you bring on a new team member, you should have a role in mind for them to fill. Their skills and talents may develop over time, and they could end up filling a different position in your organization. But it is important for each team member to have a sense of purpose when they join your business.

  • Clearly define job roles
  • Provide expectations for the specific role and your company in general
  • Share your vision and goals for the business

3. Build relationships

When your business is smaller or just getting off the ground, you have an incredible opportunity to build relationships with each employee. This process can help you practice working with a variety of people, nurturing their skills and talents, and matching an employee’s abilities to specific problems.

Building relationships with your team members also helps you stay involved in the daily goings-on of your business. When employees feel comfortable enough to come to you with concerns or issues, you can address problems more quickly. You can also foster loyalty to your organization and reduce employee turnover.

4. Encourage teamwork

In addition to building relationships between you and your team members, you should also foster relationships among your team. Establish clear communication channels and encourage your team to share information with one another. Work to create an environment where everyone is valued and respected, and people can share their opinions and offer solutions.

5. Celebrate together

There are going to be some hard days as your business and your team grow. However, it is important to celebrate the successes. Give someone a shout out when they go above and beyond, pause to recognize organizational milestones, and create a special moment when there is something to celebrate. Taking the time to celebrate as a team can help boost morale and make it easier to get through the inevitable challenges.


As a business leader, you want to be in control. But running a business often requires building a team to back you up and help you support your vision. By carefully filling each role, communicating with your team, and celebrating the successes along the way, you can build a team that takes your business to places you never could have imagined.

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