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Attract New Hires to Your Small Law Firm: 10 Benefits of Working in a Smaller Practice

If you are trying to grow your small or solo law firm, you are likely looking to hire more employees. As you search for new attorneys to join your practice, you will be directly competing with large law firms for the best and the brightest. Thankfully, there are many benefits to working in a small law practice that appeal to both new and experienced lawyers.

When you are trying to hire, your job description and responsibilities list will be crucial to attracting applicants. Consider sharing the benefits of working in a small practice in the job description and customize them to be relevant for your practice. Below are 10 benefits of working in a small law firm to help you get started.

1. The work varies more than large firms.

If people enjoy excitement and variety, a small law firm has more to offer. With less staff, each individual is tasked with handling a wider variety of work, including a broader range of practice areas. At large law firms, attorneys often specialize to a higher degree. The work can be more challenging and engaging at a smaller practice thanks to the variety available.

2. Your schedule is more flexible.

People today love the promise of flexible hours. Small law firms often have adaptable environments, so it is easier to offer flexible schedules. While there may be times that everyone’s help is required in emergencies or large projects, the day to day routine can be changed to fit someone’s unique schedule and preferences.

3. You will have greater responsibilities.

Small law firms have a leaner staff while larger firms have hierarchies that are well-defined. When there is no hard, set rule on who does what, employees have more flexibility to take on responsibilities. If someone is interested in a specific area of the business or gaining more experience, a small law firm is the place to go.

4. There is more hands-on experience.

In addition to more responsibility, attorneys just get to do more at smaller law firms. Large firms often have increased supervision and clearly defined tracks for who can do what and when. The learning environment in a small or mid-sized firm is fast paced, and attorneys can jump well ahead of their counterparts in no time.

5. You communicate with clients more often.

At large law firms, it is not uncommon for client contact to be limited only to senior lawyers. However, if someone enjoys interacting with people and building relationships, a small firm allows for more client contact. There is greater autonomy in a small firm instead of a rigid structure.

6. The atmosphere is more relaxed.

A lot of the differences between smaller and larger law firms come down to the company culture. Large firms are notoriously formal, with strict rules and guidelines in place for just about anything you can think of. After all, with so many people to manage, they have to put restrictions and limitations in place.

For smaller law firms, the atmosphere is much more relaxed. Employees can enjoy less formal dress codes in the office and create more personal connections with their coworkers. The spirit of comradery and teamwork is more prevalent because each individual is necessary for success.

7. The track to partnership is shorter.

With fewer attorneys on staff, there are fewer layers of management at small law firms. While large firms typically have expansive hierarchies, that is often not the case at a small practice. Attorneys do not have to compete with a never-ending list of senior lawyers and there are fewer attorneys vying for responsibilities and profits. If employees prove their worth, the track for success is faster at a small law firm.

8. The corporate politics are less common.

If the cut-throat environment of a large law firm is not appealing, a small law firm offers a welcome alternative. The corporate politics that are inherent in a large organization are often not found in a smaller practice. Attorneys do not have to worry about fake smiles or brown-nosing competition, and they can simply focus on doing their job well and being a part of the team.

9. Your input is valued more highly.

Senior partners are often more willing to listen to their staff in a smaller firm than a larger one. The hierarchies are not set in stone, so attorneys have more flexibility to speak their mind and make suggestions when it comes to the management of the law firm. Lawyers may find that their opinions are valued and considered more highly in a small law firm environment.

10. You can gain more confidence.

Through hands-on learning and greater responsibilities, attorneys in small firms can gain a considerable amount of confidence. Whether a lawyer is fresh out of school, or they have worked in a large firm for some time, the opportunities for learning and growth are unmatched in a smaller environment. Attorneys can put their career on a fast track as they gain valuable skills and knowledge in a small law firm.

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