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Business IT Support

No gimmicks, no hidden fees, no nonsense. We provide total IT business support services. You get a complete IT department to meet your needs today and solve for future challenges you may not even have thought of yet. All for a predictable fixed monthly price. 

We Provide Full Stack IT Support For your business


Business IT support goes beyond just technology. There is strategy, adoption, business value, goal alignment and more to consider. Traditional IT consultants don’t focus on those aspects of your business. We provide coaching, strategy planning, technology planning and much more for your leaders and employees. 


IT processes are the key to connecting technology to people. This is especially critical for core technology services that run your company. We help you build strong processes by being your technical experts and business support leaders. 


Business technology is the most visible aspect to business IT support and managed services. We got you covered by providing support for every layer of your technology. You get a complete IT department focused on proactive technology support. 

5 Minute I.T. Support Response Times
Success Percentage 98%
Average Client I.T. Systems Uptime
Uptime Percentage 99.98%
Customer I.T. Satisfaction Index
Percentage of Customers Satisfied 96%
  • Free anytime strategy planning days to help with business changes or challenges.
  • Free end of year (EoY) strategy planning days to help align technology with your business goals.
  • Monthly reporting of IT performance and capacity metrics to help plan growth and spend.
  • No markups for technology purchases and no costs for implementation of standard IT services.  
  • We work as your IT team to engage vendors and bring them in at no charge to assist with planning. 
  • Mergers and Acquisitions won’t trip you up when it comes to technology, we help with that too. 
  • Monthly performance reporting of our services and your employee satisfaction. Full transparency!
  • Change management visibility and reporting so you know what is going on, at no cost. 
  • Free strategy planning days to review technology, look at new services…any IT planning needed. 
  • Adoption planning and value measurements to ensure technology is making people productive. 
  • Risk management and business continuity to ensure you rest easy. 
  • Free business and executive coaching services provided by our partners at Big Box Coaching
  • 24/7/365 live helpdesk there when your employees need IT support. 
  • 5 minute response times by email to ensure your employees know someone is solving their issue.
  • Proactive support through a local application so that we can solve problems before they start. 
  • Technology trainging and assistance to improve adoption and increase happiness in technology. 
  • Onsite Tier 2 and Tier 3 support teams to provide local assistance and engagement.
  • Meaningful employee satisfaction scores that show real employee happiness with our services. 
  • New employee starting, we have you covered with a tech onsite providing setup and a welcome!
  • Technology process mapping for services that you care about or are critical to your business.
  • Employee persona creation so you understand how your employees want to use technology. 
  • Holistic business intelligence mapping to understand which technology brings the most value.
  • Technology lifecycle management helping you determine when future investments are needed. 
  • Inventory management of critical technology or all technology. 
  • Workstation support; laptops, desktops, phones, tablets, watches…!
  • Windows, Linux, Apple, we support them all. 
  • Technology peripheral support; printers, scanners, fax, mice, keyboards, monitors…!
  • New workspace setup for new employees, or if you need assistance with a move. 
  • Special technology engineering for employees that want a specific experience like standing desks. 
  • Full virus, malware and spyware protections to help keep your employees safe. 
  • Workstation backups to ensure lost data doesn’t hinder employee productivity. 
  • Technology training to help employees get the maximum value from your IT investments. 
  • Local network design both wired and wireless. Want to go full wireless, we got you covered. 
  • Guest wireless and physical access to provide connectivity but keep you safe.
  • Wireless security designs to keep your network and data safe from prying eyes and hackers.
  • New office network engineering and implementation to help you grow.
  • Network services like local storage, video libraries and other services shared on the network.
  • Need to run cable TV to offices, we have you covered and will assist in getting that completed
  • Apple TV, Microsoft TV or another content sharing system, we have that covered too. 
  • Legacy and on-premise servers are all covered with our proactive service, included at no charge.
  • Windows, Suse Linux, RHEL, another linux flavor, we support them. 
  • Server data backups are included with our services. *Excessive storage needs may be additional. 
  • Virtual servers are fully supported and highly recommended!
  • Need a new server setup, we have that covered too with full server setup and support. 
  • Application and server performance monitoring included and added to our monthly reporting. 
  • Full change management processes on server maintenance, updates, enhancements, etc. 
  • We work with your internet service providers (ISP) to ensure maximum value. 
  • Performance and availability with alerting for any internet issues or errors.
  • Growth planning and projections so you know when new investments are needed with internet. 
  • SDWAN support and implementations to get the maximum value from low cost internet circuits. 
  • New office internet connectivity setup and configuration, we have your growth covered. 
  • Have a remote workforce or want to offer work from anywhere, we will help set that up. 
  • Video conferencing is key to remote collaboration, we will help implement the right solution. 
  • Hosted servers are managed & fully supported by our engineers, which is your team of engineers.
  • Needing to expand hosted services, move into a hosting platform or move from one to another. We have you covered there, end to end. 
  • We can help your business transition to cloud services like Office365 or G-Suite
  • If you already utilize cloud services we administer them for you, assigning licenses and features. 
  • Do you want to test the value of cloud first? We assist in setting up proof of concepts.
  • Taking advantage of diverse cloud services is smart and we can help you get there. 
  • You can move your Data Center, or closet, to the cloud with cloud based infrastructure, all covered. 
  • How about taking advantage of low cost cloud DR solutions for BCP, check, we help there too. 

That is a lot! What is the Catch?

All of that and more is included in your fixed per employee per month pricing. Hire a new employee and you know the cost. If economic conditions turn unfavorable and you need to downsize, you know how much you will save. Our services are month to month, simple for you and easy on your budget. 

The only services outside our pricing is programming and systems customization. We do offer those services, but in a traditional per hour or engagement (SOW) pricing structure. For example, we would implement Workday (cloud or on-prem) for you. We can help build IT processes around Workday, like how to access it or run a report. Our services would not include building customized reports, or modifying the finance aspects to reflect your company’s accounting structure. Those would be done in your departmental areas or we could perform the work as a separate SOW and cost. 

..Ok, then How do you offer all that?

Total IT Management Services

When we mean Total IT Management, we mean it! Our experts are your experts and ready to provide the services you need to grow your business. All of our services are included in your monthly costs. You never have to worry about what extra charges you are going to see month to month. 

*Hardware & Software purchase costs are not included. Such as costs to purchase workstations & peripherals, network equipment, productivity software like Office 365, and other software not related to the delivery of our services. We can purchase hardware and software on your behalf with zero markup or extra costs. 




No Nonsense Transparent Pricing

Easy to understand transparent pricing, right on our website…you don’t have to call or email anyone to get it. We aim to provide simple pricing so you understand the costs. It is our goal to provide exceptional cost effective services to empower your business to grow. If you win, we win!

Mix and match service levels for your employees. Assign Standard to employees that just have basic IT needs, assign Advanced to those that need more support during the week, and assign Premier to those that cannot afford downtime. Remember you can change assignments anytime you like.


When you have basic IT support needs that span working hours, 8x5 availability.
$ 80
per Employee/Month
  • Month to Month Contract
  • Proactive Remote Support
  • *Employee Support 8x5
  • Systems Support 8x5
  • Systems Monitoring 24/5
  • Basic DR & BCP
  • AV Services Included
  • Basic Process Documentation
  • Inventory Control
  • Monthly IT Strategy Planning
  • Monthly IT Strategy Planning
  • End of Year Strategy Planning


When you need more from your IT. Availability spans the full work week, 24x5.
$ 110
per Employee/Month
  • Month to Month Contract
  • Proactive Support Remote & Onsite
  • *Employee Support 24x5
  • Systems Support 24x5
  • Systems Monitoring 24/7
  • Full DR with Basic BCP
  • AV & Security Services Included
  • Advanced Process Documentation
  • Inventory Management
  • Monthly IT Strategy Planning
  • End of Year Strategy Planning
  • Monthly Business Strategy Planning
  • Leadership Coaching


When your business needs the highest level of all inclusive IT management
$ 140
per Employee/Month
  • Month to Month Contract
  • Proactive Support Remote & Onsite
  • Employee Support 24x7
  • Systems Support 24x7
  • Systems Monitoring 24x7
  • Full DR & BCP
  • Full Security Suite Included
  • Full Process Documentation
  • Inventory Lifecycle Management
  • Monthly IT Strategy Planning
  • End of Year Strategy Planning
  • Monthly Business Strategy Planning
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Executive Coaching

Planning and coaching time are offered as an onsite service. Holding the sessions remotely increases the amount of time allotted to you. Sessions can be held with a technical resource or executive leadership resource. 

Pricing is per employee, per month. We define an employee as a named “user” who can open support tickets, request services for themselves or has a device being supported by our  services. A “user” can have multiple devices (i.e. laptop, phone & tablet) as long as they are the primary user of them. 

If comparing our cost to hiring your own team, use this calculator by Quickbooks to help compare true costs. If you use a traditional IT consultant company, compare our yearly costs to your costs over 12 months. Remember we offer planning and coaching services at no cost. 

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