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Cloud & Mobility IT Services

Empowering your law firm with the best of cloud and mobility. Engage clients and get work done faster and better then ever before.

... As a Service

Technology support whenever you need it. We can be reached by phone, email, IM and can be onsite in minutes.

Different Clouds

The best type of IT support is the type you don't need. Using AI and alerting we identify issues before they start.


Our standard services are an all you need buffet of IT support. We provide all the IT services you need at no extra cost.

Technology Strategy

Each month you get a business report on our performance, the services we are delivering and the value you are getting.

Our engineers help you select the right cloud services to empower your law firm.

Lawyers are becoming more familiar with cloud technologies and are attracted by anytime, anywhere access, low cost of entry, predictable monthly expenses, and robust data backup

Ignite your law firm with As a Service
Helping you select and implement ..aaS Solutions.

There are hundreds of as a service solutions out there. Knowing which ones will help your firm and which ones are a money pit is difficult. Our teams are available to help you navigate all the available solutions. Better yet we get to know your business and will suggest the right solutions to maximize business value., BaseCamp, Google for Work, and Slack are examples of software as a services. These tools can help your firm be more efficient and speed the implementation of technology. The faster you can use new technology the quickly you reap the benefits. 

For law firms platform as a service is primarily practice management systems. They have become so robust over the years they can literally do everything for your law firm. Selecting the right one is even more challenging today because of that variety of selection. 

Instead of having local infrastructure like servers, storage and even network, you can now run those in the cloud. There are cost benefits to doing this, but also limitations and risk that are important to understand before making a switch. 

Data as a service operates on the premise that data quality can occur in a centralized place, cleansing and enriching data and offering it to different systems, applications, or clients, irrespective of where they were in the organization, or on the network.

As a Service continues to evolve and expand into other areas. AI and Big Data are two areas that will see a lot of movement in the future. We stay on top of new technology and services so your form can take advantage of those new services before anyone else. 

Our Metrics Speak For Themselves


Successful Cloud Migrations 100%
Expected Value Delivered (Cloud Sub Category) 97%
Engineering Quality Score (PFP internal metric) 96%
Projects Delivered On Time (cloud subcategory) 91%
Customer Satisfaction (Cloud) 98%

Different Clouds for Different Law Firms

Selecting the right cloud for your law firm can be a daunting task. There are pros and cons for each approach and the wrong selection can lose you clients or even breach your security. Our engineers are here to help you make the right selection and translate the options into business value and risk. 

Private Cloud

Public Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

We partner with the leading law firm solution providers. That allows our support team to solve problems quickly with those relationships.

We never accept commission or any payment from providers for suggesting their services. We either waive that privilege or try to pass it on to you to lower your costs.  

Utilizing Mobility To Work Anywhere

Mobile Phone

You can make your phone a mobile workstation. By using the right apps  or literally using a phone that can be a laptop. 


The benefit of tablets has been contentious. However, the use of tablets as mobile workstations provide tremendous benefits. 


Everyone uses laptops, but they also come in many models like convertibles. We can help you select the perfect models. 

Cloud Platforms

The right platform can run your law firm. Whether a practice management solution or Google Docs we can help you use them. 

Cloud Communications

Running a cloud phone system plugged into a powerful video conferencing solution can elevate your law firm above the rest. 

Cloud Storage

Having data available at anytime from any device in a secure way gives all your employees greater mobility and function. 

We're a new IT MSP changing the game on how you get IT!

Unfortunately most IT consultants are focused on maximizing profit. They charge high rates, have hidden costs and take commission from the services and hardware the sell or recommend. Its been that way for years. Our founders have seen and lived it as IT professionals. Our goal is to change that be providing transparent, fixed, pricing based on long partnerships. We are in it for long term partnerships built upon trust and awesome IT services. 

Why us

Simple Pricing & Amazing IT Services!

You deserve an IT company that is just as passionate as you about growing your business. Our model aligns with that objective and we prove to you everyday we are focused on your growth. Because your success is our success too.

Technology Strategy

Knowing what technology to use or implement in the future isn’t something you a trained in. You know what your firm needs now, you have an idea of what is to come. But knowing how to use technology to be successful isn’t something you are focused on. Our services include free strategy planning and meetings. With that we are also unbiased, we don’t take commision or payments to implement or resell services. 

Future Planning

We help you chart a path towards future success by aligning your firm's goals with technology to help you achieve it.

Firm Growth

As you take on more clients and grow your firm, technology becomes more complex. Our engineers will help you determine the right technology at the right stage of your growth.

Client Happiness

Keeping clients happy is your #1 goal. Without them your firm doesn't make money. We help you use technology to keep your clients happy and engaged.

Our Difference Is Our Advantage

We are different. You notice it the moment you visit our website and the second you talk to our employees. Its not just our upfront pricing and great customer service. It’s that we truly care about your success in the long run. We aren’t here to make a quick buck and hope to string you along. We want to earn your trust, business and be successful with you. 

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