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We are YOUR IT Department

We designed our services to include everything you need as you grow. If you would expect a full-time employee to do the work, we do the work. At a fixed price that you have upfront. Mix and match service levels by employee as needed. Assign everyone Standard or segment out a group to receive Advanced Service. Full service no gimmicks, no gotchas.    

Switching is Easy

We take care of all the effort at no extra cost to you! No cost, no risk, thats amazing.

Fixed Pricing

Our costs per employee are fixed. Never worry about price changes again.

Monthly Contracts

Month to month contracts that you can cancel at anytime, no pressure.






Typical Consultants




The legal game has changed.

  • Law firms are not making investments in modern technology fast enough to remain competitive and deliver success for their clients.
  • What are lawyers’ specific concerns with the technology their law firms employ?
  • The technology is out there to enable law firms to address these concerns, but they must move quickly.

We start supporting your firm as soon as the contract is completed. The first month we get to know your business.

No extra costs to switch!

1 Days
1 Days
1 Days

The first month is when we get know your firm and customize your support services to deliver maximum value. During the discovery phase we spend a significant time onsite learning your operations and processes. Benchmarking is when we collect data and metrics to understand how your firm is running today, before we start implementing improvements. The last phase is when we implement immediate enhancements. These are items that will bring immediate value to your firm and employees. 

Partnerships Are Our Strength

We never accept commission, compensation or any form of payment for recommending any services. Our mission is to be an unbiased provider of quality IT services. By accepting any form of payment for recommendations we would blur the that line and that is not something we will ever do.  

How To Get Started

Use the form to send us a message and we will call you to schedule a meeting. You can also call us at (877) 494-7093 or email us at

Our team will meet with you to discuss our services and review your IT environment. We want to ensure our services are a good fit for your company and employees. We will develop a timeline and action plan for Go-Live. 

After contract and initial payment your customer success team will begin the G0-Live plan. Within a day your helpdesk will be set and employees trained on how to request IT assistance. The rest of the Go-Live plan will be executed. Systems and data will be backed up, monitoring setup , etc. 

Servicing the Houston Area With Excellence

We are proud to be headquartered in the beautiful Katy Texas area. While our company is young, and eager to disrupt the IT managed services industry, we have been serving the IT needs of Houston businesses for several decades. Our IT leadership and technical methodologies have been used with tremendous success in some of the largest Houston companies. We look forward to bringing that expertise to your small or mid-sized business. 

Sales Team hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00-18:30 Hrs
(877) 494-7093 option 2

We are here

25807 Westheimer Parkway
Suite #410 Katy, TX 77494
Phone: (877) 494-7093

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Phone: 877 494 7093
Address: 25807 Westheimer Parkway Suite #410 Katy, TX 77494
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