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Switching To Our Services is Easy!

3 simple steps to get started with our services. We do all the heavy lifting and you aren’t charge anything extra. No setup or startup fees and a month to month contract. Simple, easy and efficient. 

Step 1...

Contact our sales team to discuss our services and which will benefit you.

Step 2...

Your dedicated team will review the services and set up a startup timeline

Step 3!

Complete contract, paperwork and the initial service payment.

We Make It Simple
To Sign Up & Use Our Services

3 simple steps that start with you contacting our sales team. From there we guide you through the process until day 1 support. Contracts are month to month, so our responsibility to show you value never stops. 

STEP 1...

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions and answers about our services

We can manage any custom software, but it takes a few weeks for our engineers to complete documentation. If there is vendor support it makes the transition easier. 

The first couple of weeks are spent backing up your data. We prioritize server side data then prioritize the rest based on person or function. 

All of our metrics are transparent and we deliver monthly performance reports for your review. Our reports are created using business language not technical mumbo-jumbo. So you can easily understand them.

There are no startup or setup fees. We ask for the first 3 months of service paid upfront. That helps cover our costs to transition you to our services. 

All support teams you will work with are local to your area. Any overseas teams are engaged for special projects and are badged employees. 

Contracts are month to month after the first 3 months. You can cancel anytime and we will help transition you to another provider. 

STEP 2...

Our sales team will work with you to design the right pricing structure for your business. Our costs are per employee per month, and you can mix and match employees at anytime. That gives you a lot of choice and flexibility on what services you receive. 

Optimizing pricing doesn’t start and end here. Once you become a client our Customer Success and Customer Support teams continue to help you maximum pricing efficiencies through suggestions and reports. 

Never worry about “renegotiations” or changes to your pricing. Our prices are fixed and per employee so you know exactly how much IT management costs all the time.

Our support teams are available 24/7/365 to help your firm with your technology.

Reactive support is simple, you just have to be available and friendly to answer support Requests. We go a step further, we strive to provide proactive support. We use our tools to identify issues before they impact you.

STEP 3...

Once you have made the decision to use our services, first we will be excited, secondly we will work on putting together your welcome package. That will contain the following:

  • Purple Falcon Partners LLC Customer Service Contract
  • Mutual NDA between our companies
  • MSA if it is needed or required
  • Executive briefing summarizing all sales discussions, value identification & commitments.
  • Contact information of key individuals within our company

Once contracts are signed you pay the first 3 months of service and we begin our work.

Creation of your custom IT support line and helpdesk
3 Days
Installation of system management clients (all)
8 Days
Full backups of all system data for disaster recovery
16+ Days
Security AV & Malware sweep of all systems
5 Days

We begin supporting your business after the support line and help desk is created. We will engage your employees & let them know who to call for support. 

How happy were you with you last IT support engagement?

Gauging customer satisfaction is critical to everyone's success!

We use easy to respond stoplight icons just like the ones above. It makes providing feedback quick and simple. Getting customer feedback starts the first day we start supporting your company.

That is It! 3 Steps to enjoying amazing IT Managed Services.

Our Support Metrics Speak For Themselves

We collect our performance metrics every month and keep a running average. We use that information to determine our performance and how best we are supporting you. 

Customer Satisfaction 98%
First Call Resolution (FCR) 97%
Support Quality Score (PFP internal metric) 96%
Speed to Answer (5 min email response time / 20 sec call pickup time) 92%
Time to Resolution (complete request resolution within SLA) 99%

Get Started Today

Phone: 877 494 7093
MON-FRI 09:00 - 19:00, SAT-SUN 10:00 - 16:00
25807 Westheimer Parkway
Suite #410 Katy, TX 77494

Total IT Management Services

When we mean Total IT Management, we mean it! Our experts are your experts and ready to provide the services you need to grow your business. All of our services are included in your monthly costs. You never have to worry about what extra charges you are going to see month to month. 

*Hardware & Software purchase costs are not included. Such as costs to purchase workstations & peripherals, network equipment, productivity software like Office 365, and other software not related to the delivery of our services. We can purchase hardware and software on your behalf with zero markup or extra costs. 




We work with leading law firm solution providers. Our  support staff trains for hundreds of hours every year. 

We never accept commission or any payment from providers for suggesting their services. We either waive that privilege or try to pass it on to you to lower your costs.  

Contact Us

Phone: 877 494 7093
Address: 25807 Westheimer Parkway Suite #410 Katy, TX 77494
GENERAL SALES HOURS: MON-FRI 09:00 - 19:00, SAT-SUN 10:00 - 16:00



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