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We are an IT Company looking to change the world, one customer and each experience at a time.

We are an IT company consistently active on several social platforms sharing stories and other content to help educate and brighten people’s day. It is our way to reach a larger audience to educate them about technology, leadership, culture development and other topics. Follow us, say hi and make any requests, and learn more about our IT company and the people that help make us special. 


Our corporate IT company presence where we share content related to business, leaders and technical.


A casual presence where we share a wide variety of information. We keep things fun and engaging.


We share our stories and client pictures on Instagram. It is where our IT company's employees are active.

How happy were you with you last IT support engagement?

"Customer satisfaction is critical. we get Feedback Using simple stoplight mood questions like above."

Frictionless customer feedback is the key to real feedback!

The PFP IT Company Story

Purple Falcon Partners was created by two tech industry veterans. For over 25 years they have worked for some of the largest and smallest IT companies. Through that journey they saw how technology could have a profound impact on people’s lives. Technology is something that everyone uses and bestows technical teams a lot of power to influence the mood of others. 

The challenge is how technology is perceived and approached in many IT companies. It is an overhead, a cost to do business that needs to be minimized. IT teams are often stressed, overworked and underappreciated. That doesn’t always stop with IT teams, business doesn’t always focus on people. 

Tony and Michael decided to create Purple Falcon Partners (PFP) to be a positive environment for technical teams to thrive. They also want PFP to be an example of positive leadership through a fanatical focus on employee happiness. 

Creating a great place to work takes more than words, team building exercises, or game rooms. It takes leadership to live that commitment every day. 80% of a leader's day should be spent directly improving the lives of employees. Any less and you fail at creating a great place to work and your commitement is just words.

Purple Falcon Partners continues to share its journey on social media platforms and through local networking events. Follow us and contribute to the discussions. Our IT company’s mission is to help others and we appreciate the opportunity to interact with others. You never know when that one moment will change someone’s life in a profoundly positive way. 


Why Purple ?

We could not decide between blue and red for our corporate colors. We didn’t want to use both of them in the color so we compromised and went with purple, a combination of both.

What does the color blue and red Represent ?

When seeing our color we wanted to portray strength and intelligence. Blue represents strength while red represents strength. Selecting purple combined the both and achieved our goal. 

Why a Falcon ?

The falcon spirit animal represents higher knowledge or clarity in finding the best solutions to your problems. It signifies wisdom, vision, and protection. That is nearly everything we want to be so it made sence. 

How long have you been in business ?

We officially incorporated in 2019. However we have been operating under the Big Box Coaching company since 2016. Even before that we have been working on the concept since 2011. 

Have you considered a shorter name ?

Yes, and eventually we may shorten our name like a lot of other companies have done. But for now, the name is unique and represents all that we are and want to be for our clients. It is really easy to remember once you hear it. 

Are you cash flow positive ?

A great question about our long term stability. PFP is a corporation that includes our business coaching subsidiary. We are cash flow positive and have zero debt. We expect to be around for a long time. 

We are a proud Texas based company

Servicing; Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex. Our owners have over 52 years of combined IT experience in a wide variety of industries. We specifically created our services to be easy to understand, transparent and free of ambiguity. Our sales teams are highly trained professionals with a goal to never give any type of pressure. Once you become a client you work directly with our technical teams. Not virtual CIOs who are thinly veiled sales teams. Never deal with pricing negotiations again! We absorb cost increases with better AI and automation. 

Our Difference Is Our Advantage

We are different. You notice it the moment you visit our website and the second you talk to our employees. Its not just our upfront pricing and great customer service. It’s that we truly care about your success in the long run. We aren’t here to make a quick buck and hope to string you along. We want to earn your trust, business and be successful with you. 

Not Just An IT Service Provider or Consultant

We are your complete IT Department working hard for your company 24/7/365. With our service you will always know how much your IT services cost, because our pricing is per employee and upfront. Since we are always on the clock working for you, we reduce issues and solve problems so they don’t impact your company’s productivity. We do IT all so you can focus on your business, employees and customers!

Contact Us

Phone: 877 494 7093
Address: 25807 Westheimer Parkway Suite #410 Katy, TX 77494
GENERAL SALES HOURS: MON-FRI 09:00 - 19:00, SAT-SUN 10:00 - 16:00



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