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Fully Managed IT Supporting You

Our managed IT for your law firm delivers everything you need to wow your clients and speed by your competition.


We implement and manage the applications that enable your firm to run efficiently and engage your clients.


Your firm relies on hardware from workstations to servers. Our engineers ensure your hardware is running great.

Cloud Services

Cloud is change how lawyers work. We help you take advantage of the cloud to strengthen your firm and services.


Running efficiently helps your firm reduce overhead. Our engineers help implement cost saving automation.

Our engineers are are constantly working for you to ensure the right technology is making your law firm better everyday.

Clients may be the ones to set expectations for law firms, but lawyers are ultimately responsible for delivering on those expectations by finding solutions that are in the best interest of both the client and the firm.

Supporting your applications
Helping you select and use the best applications!

Our engineers are trained in the legal industry and help you select the perfect services to strengthen your law firm. We will then implement, even migrate to/from, and then manage those services for you. Your team will work 24/7 to ensure everything is working as expected and there for your employees.

There are hundreds of applications and services that your law firm could use. Selecting the right one and getting value from it is challenging. That is where our engineering teams will help you by suggesting the right technology. We also explain the expected value of our suggestions and use that to measure the success of any implementations. 

With any application implementation licensing is part of the package. You need to license your employees, negotiate rates and upgrade or update when needed. That is a hassle and something that is a waste of your time. Our engineering team utilize advanced tools to ensure your licensing is in compliance and you are kept updated on any upcoming renewals. We even negotiate pricing on your behalf. 

One of the biggest challenges with applications is migrating to or from them. There is a lot of data, processes and training wrapped up in them. We will help you migrate anywhere needed to take advantage of the perfect solutions for your firm. We even provide employee training to help mitigate any negative impacts of a migration. 

IT is there to help your business be successful. Ideally it solves business challenges and provides efficiencies for your firm.  Like allowing your firm to work faster through shared online documents. Our teams are trained to look for business challenges and opportunities to put technology to achieve maximum value for you. Remember, we don’t charge for for new implementations or management so we are working for you. 

Our teams have decades of experience support law firms of all types. We know exactly what challenges you face, will face and how to solve them. We have worked with dozens of practice management solutions including implementation and enhancements of them. 

Our Engineering Metrics Speak For Themselves


Projects Delivered Ontime 92%
Expected Value Delivered 99%
Engineering Quality Score (PFP internal metric) 96%
Expected ROI Met 98%
Customer Satisfaction (Projects) 99%

Hardware Management For Your Law Firm

For any type of technology hardware needs of your law firm our engineering teams can and will support you. We work with a large variety of technologies from employee workstations to cloud infrastructures. No matter your needs our teams are there ready to support you. Even if you are not sure what hardware you need our engineering and support teams work together to identify improvements and areas you should invest in new hardware to benefit your firm. 

Workspace Support

Server Support

Network Support

We partner with the leading law firm solution providers. That allows our support team to solve problems quickly with those relationships.

We never accept commission or any payment from providers for suggesting their services. We either waive that privilege or try to pass it on to you to lower your costs.  

Any Cloud Any Solution

Private Cloud

When you want to move your local infrastructure to a cloud that you control. We help design, migrate and manage. 

Cloud Services

We help your firm take advantage of cloud services like Google & AWS. We provide full management, even monitoring. 

Cloud Data Storage

Storing data in the cloud is extremely cost effective if done right. Our engineers will help you use the cloud in the best way. 

Cloud Intranet

Using the cloud to create customer engagement portals is not only smart, it’s a competitive advantage for your firm. 

... As a Service

Thousands of as a service, services exist. We help you navigate the waters and select the best technology available. 

Licensing Assignments

Our services include licensing management and assignments. We assign licenses efficiently and manage all renewals. 

We're a new IT MSP changing the game on how you get IT!

Unfortunately most IT consultants are focused on maximizing profit. They charge high rates, have hidden costs and take commission from the services and hardware the sell or recommend. Its been that way for years. Our founders have seen and lived it as IT professionals. Our goal is to change that be providing transparent, fixed, pricing based on long partnerships. We are in it for long term partnerships built upon trust and awesome IT services. 

Why us

Simple Pricing & Amazing IT Services!

You deserve an IT company that is just as passionate as you about growing your business. Our model aligns with that objective and we prove to you everyday we are focused on your growth. Because your success is our success too.

Automating Your Law Firm

One of the greatest benefits of technology is automating processes to free up people and provide greater consistency. We utilize automation extensively to provide cost effective services that are delivered with extreme consistency. Our engineers will work with your firm to identify areas of opportunity with automation. 

Data Automation

We assist in automating data activities, like local archiving, to reduce administrative burdens on your law firm. 

Support Automation

Our proactive support is customized for your law firm and solves IT issues before your employees expereince them. 

Engagement Automation

Client engagement can be time consuming. We help identify areas where automation can help streamline your operations. 

Our Difference Is Our Advantage

We are different. You notice it the moment you visit our website and the second you talk to our employees. Its not just our upfront pricing and great customer service. It’s that we truly care about your success in the long run. We aren’t here to make a quick buck and hope to string you along. We want to earn your trust, business and be successful with you. 

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