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A Top IT Company Delivering Top Managed Services, By Design!

Goal 1, Deliver Predictable IT Management
We set out to create a Top IT company and service that can be budgeted into the cost of an employee. That gives business owners and leaders that ability to know exactly what their IT support costs will be as the business grows.
Goal 2, Deliver IT Service Management Experiences
We created a service based on the experiences of our clients. The focus of our top IT company is delivering the right technology, at the right time, that is simple and easy to use. We continue that commitment by ensuring that your business achieves top technology adoption and realizes its true value.
Goal 3, Be a Strategic Partner & Positive Influencer
It with one simple act, to be a top IT company we had to put our pricing on our website. Good partners are transparent, helping others make good decisions. That is how we approach our service with transparency and good partnership. We are not interested in short term success, we are in it for the long game.

Unbiased Partner

We never accept commission or kick backs for suggesting, implementing or selling any software or hardware. We do not want to ever comprimise your trust that we are always looking out for your firm's best.

Fixed Pricing With No Renegotiations

Renegotiating prices each quarter or year takes valuable time away from you. Its also painful to be asked to spend more money for the same services. Our prices are fixed, forever.

Proactive Support & Engineering

We go beyond reactive support, we utilize and invest in advanced AI to predict issues before they occur. It keeps your employees happy and both our companies efficient. Its how we never raise prices.

Strategic Partner

The technology you have today is old tomorrow. You have to know when to invest in new technology and how to spend your resources. Since our prices are fixed, we can be your strategic partner and advice you properly.

Our Difference

Anyone can say they are different...we show you.

It starts with our upfront pricing. No other IT MSP is transparent enough to put their pricing on their website and start that it never changes. It is our confidence in our service that allows us to be a different kind of IT management company.  We are disrupting traditional IT management, ride the wave with us. 

Your Unbiased & Trusted Partner

When we work with our vendors we require them to exclude any commission or kick backs to us. We work hard to try and get those savings passed to you, but understandably that cannot always happen. It is important that we remain unbiased so we offer solutions and services that are right for you, not because we get better margins. 



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Partnerships Are Our Strength

We never accept commission, compensation or any form of payment for recommending any services. Our mission is to be an unbiased provider of quality IT services. By accepting any form of payment for recommendations we would blur the that line and that is not something we will ever do.  

Renegotiating Costs Each Year or Project Wastes Time & Money!

Stop dealing with IT consultants that decide how many hours they will charge you or how much the work will cost. Its inevitable each year or sometimes quarter they change their rates. Even the complexity of the technology can cost you more in IT management. How can you manage a budget when costs change all the time. We bring simplicity to your life and business by giving a fixed price per employee. That way you know exactly how much IT is costing you. 

Proactive Support & Engineering

Being proactive reduces the number of issues you expeirience which means your firm is more focused on your clients. Most IT consultants want reactive services, it makes sure you appreciate them and they get to charge you. We take a different approach by providing monthly reporting so you know exactly how are working for you. 

Proactive Support

Utilizing advanced AI and alerting we are able to identify 80% of issues before you ever realize them. Our custom automatic scripting resolves the issues quickly. 

Proactive Engineering

Our engineers identify problems with your IT infrastructure. It might be a cloud issue, or server problem and resolve the issues expeditiously using AI and scripting.  

Transparent Reporting

Most of the work we do you will never see. That is part of our value but we also want to show you. Every month you get an executive report on our performance and activities. 

Our Support Metrics Speak For Themselves


Customer Satisfaction 98%
First Call Resolution (FCR) 97%
Support Quality Score (PFP internal metric) 96%
Speed to Answer (5 min email response time / 20 sec call pickup time) 92%
Time to Resolution (complete request resolution within SLA) 99%

Our support teams are available 24/7/365 to help your firm with your technology.

The real value in our service is the work we do that you never see. Just like when you turn on the lights you expect technology to work when and how you need it.

Your Strategic Partner By Design.

The moment our customers truly understand how we are a strategic partner comes during the yearly strategy review for the next year. We ask our clients to share their budgets so we can fit the best technology within that budget. When they hesitate we remind them that our services are fixed and we never ask for increases. Knowing the budget has zero impact on our services or charges. Its that moment of clarity is when new clients understand how different we are and how strategic we will be for them. 

Who We Are

A Small Company, Big Vision

We are a small company looking to make a huge difference with our unique style, upfront pricing and a great work culture. Our employees are what make us amazing and your gratest advantage. 

Our Services Include Everything Your Law Firm Needs

There are no extra costs for technology research, selection, implementation or management. We are your complete IT department at a fixed and flexible cost. Stop dealing with hidden fees, renegotiations and subpar support. Make the switch to total IT Management today. 

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