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Transactional Law

Dealing with contracts, clients and negotiations requires technology to keep you organized and connected. We help you run the best IT for your needs.

Technology Management for your Transactional Law Firm

You provide legal assistance to entrepreneurs, business and others through contract drafting, real estate acquisition, and intellectual property affairs to name just a few. It is critical that you keep negotiations, contracts and communications separate and organized. Technology plays a huge role in your success by digitizing documentation and keeping you in constant communication with clients. Missing just one engagement opportunity could mean having to go to court. Our IT teams help you select the best technology for your firm to stay organized and deliver amazing client services. All that at a fixed cost per employee that is easy to understand and simple to budget. Maximize your billing hours by letting us manage your technology. 

We help you stay ahead of technology for your firm

” Technology is a double-edged sword. One result is that we have great new tools with which to do our jobs. But at the same time, the pace of our work — and therefore of our lives — has increased with each new tool.

I’m not convinced that’s a good thing in the law. It’s wonderful in science, in engineering, in education and in the media. But law is supposed to be a deliberative practice. When we get to the point where we as lawyers are constantly trying to keep up with the pace, we lose that deliberative part of the law. “

– (Philip Dubois)

Technology Support

24/7/365 Support

You firm deals with clients and documents. Your time is extremely valuable because if you are not working a case you aren't making money. Our technicians are always available to help you solve IT issues quickly and get back to your cases.

Proactive Management

What is better than fast 24/7/365 support?...not ever having to use it! Our proactive support service identify issues through local tools and AI to identify the warning signs of issues. The result is less time wasted talking to support our just dealing with issues.

Honest Reporting

Your not a technology expert and you don't have time to validate the value we are delivering. We don't want you to just trust us, so we deliver monthly executive reports you can review. They are written as a business documents not technical manuals.

Local and Remote

When you have technical issues you want to speak to someone that is an expert, is easy to understand and can be at your location in minutes. All of our technical teams are local to you and your firm. Quick, easy and amazing technical support!

Focus on your clients and delivering exceptional value to them. We will keep your technology supporting you.

" Computers are going to take over certain legal tasks—the practice of law will focus more on advice. "

Technology Projects

Implementing and growing technology is critical to the long term success of your firm. If you aren’t staying ahead of the latest technology you are failing behind other firms. Clients demand increased communication, accountability and engagement. Courts are requiring more submission through E-Filing. You need someone that will help you implement technology to keep your firm relevant. 

Design & Engineering

Our engineers will design solutions to business challenges and needs. In most cases you don't even have to tell us the business issue. We get to know your firm and will suggest solutions.


Technology doesn't deliver value unless it is implemented and implemented well. Again, part of your monthly service fee we perform implementations, migrations and other activities at no extra cost.

Value & ROI​

We believe that if value and ROI cannot be measured in some tangible way, you can never measure success. Every project we undertake has metrics that measure our success and business impact.

It’s easy to drop $25 million on software; it’s much tougher to get into the mud and deal with this stuff.
Barclay Blair, founder (IGI)
The biggest gains from automating legal practices will be time saved and improved workflow efficiencies as the AI ‘takes over’ more laborious tasks including litigation support, email, e-discovery, and the use of databases for case management.

Technology Management

With our services you get complete IT management over the services that make your firm successful and gives you a competitive advantage over your competition. You never have to worry about which technology you need or how much keeping it running will cost you. Its all included in our monthly fees. 

Mobility & Cloud

You need access to your documents, E-discovery, communications, E-filings and more nearly constantly. We manage cloud services for your firm to ensure you are plugged into the latest technology that keeps you agile and mobile.

Desktops & Laptops

Your laptops are the lifeblood of your business. They contain all of your client information and activities. Losing them or just having them run slow is a major hit to you and your firm. When any situation arises you need fast service to keep you on the move.

Email & Communications

Missing just one important engagement could be the difference between settling out of court or a lengthy court proceeding. You need to engage others whenever and wherever you are. We help you use technology to achieve that goal with excellence.

Automation & Processes

Running an efficient practice that frees up the burden of administration duties helps you focus on your clients and cases. We implement process and automation that wil help your firm stay agile and focused on your clients, not technology or administation.

The legal game has changed.

  • Law firms are not making investments in modern technology fast enough to remain competitive and deliver success for their clients.
  • What are lawyers’ specific concerns with the technology their law firms employ?
  • The technology is out there to enable law firms to address these concerns, but they must move quickly.

Technology Strategy

Knowing what technology to use or implement in the future isn’t something you aren’t trained in. You know what your firm needs now, you have an idea of what is to come. But knowing how to use technology to be successful isn’t something you are focused on. Our services include free strategy planning and meetings. With that we are also unbiased, we don’t take commision or payments to implement or resell services. 

Future Planning

We help you chart a path towards future success by aligning your firm's goals with technology to help you achieve it.

Firm Growth

As you take on more clients and grow your firm, technology becomes more complex. Our engineers will help you determine the right technology at the right stage of your growth.

Client Happiness

Keeping clients happy is your #1 goal. Without them your firm doesn't make money. We help you use technology to keep your clients happy and engaged.

Our Difference Is Our Advantage

We are different. You notice it the moment you visit our website and the second you talk to our employees. Its not just our upfront pricing and great customer service. It’s that we truly care about your success in the long run. We aren’t here to make a quick buck and hope to string you along. We want to earn your trust, business and be successful with you. 

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